Fingerlickin' good.

Ramona — Fast Food Bistro, the space in the heart of Aveiro. This place is considered the best burger house in Aveiro and has been walking along with the people from Aveiro to delight us with awesome fast food plates made with the finest ingredients. It’s imposing and creative identity mirrors the irreverent side of the brand.

Client: Ramona
Date: 2019-1-31
Services: Branding, Packaging


The mixture between urban fast food bistro and a family dining place. 

While researching for characteristics to implement on the identity, I felt that the place had a mixture of feelings and age range. It was obvious that it was needed to be able to unite teenagers and older people in the same space. Having that in mind, a irreverent identity was creating that had a feeling of urban.


The best burgers in Aveiro, people say

Being able to grab your friends for a quick meal is always amazing and Ramona is all about it. Connecting with your friends and family while having a beatiful burger and fries with their signature sauce is all you need to have a good time. Basically Ramona provides the best burgers with the best ingredients that you can find in Aveiro.